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About us

Since discovering biochar we have spent hundreds of hours experimenting with different ingredient combinations. Our goal was to create a set of activated biochar blends that are ready to mix to your soil immediately — giving anyone the ability to improve the health of their soil and helping the climate at the same time.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, we are excited to begin offering our products online and will soon be opening a pick-up location in the near future.

We’d love to hear what you think about our products so please reach out. We are constantly tweaking our formulas to ensure the best results for our customers.

Learn more about our carbon removal and biochar.

Our mission

Improve soil quality

More biochar in our soils can increase fertility and longevity of our Earth.

Keep chemicals out

No chemicals in our products and less chemical fertilizer needed in soils.

Minimize carbon footprint

We sustain a carbon negative supply chain and products.

Our suppliers

We're excited to work with our suppliers to supply the best biochar and compost for our products.

BC Biocarbon

Located in British Columbia, BC Biocarbon converts forestry residue into high quality biochar. With over 85% carbon content and low VOCs, it's ideal for soil fertility.

Pictured: BC biocarbon production facility (used with permission)

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We get our compost from Vermibec, a family owned business in Saint-Placid, Quebec. They produce a grainy, nutrient and microbe rich vermicompost that is unmatched by large scale producers.

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Our growers

We work with farmers, gardeners, and arborists that are as excited as we are about the prospect of biochar to increase yields and plant health, reduce nutrient leaching, and help the climate at the same time.

We'll provide you with biochar and all we ask in return is to help us share what you learn. If you're interested, reach out!

Bao Bao Farm

A small-scale ecological farm specializing in organic Asian vegetables.

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