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Our mission

Our mission

Help heal the planet with better soil

Improve soil quality

More biochar in our soils can increase fertility and longevity of our Earth.

Keep chemicals out

No chemicals in our products and less chemical fertilizer needed in soils.

Minimize carbon footprint

We sustain a carbon negative supply chain and products.

What we put in our soil matters

The products we put in our soil have a significant effect on the environment and future generations and every decision makes a difference.

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That's why we never use synthetic fertilizers

Our products are always free from synthetic nitrogen and other synthetic chemicals.

These compounds may give your plants quick boost but they lack the healthy microbes to build longterm resilient soil.

They also are the top source of waterway pollution.

Never use environmentally harmful peat

Peat bogs (where peat comes from) are fragile ecosystems that support a wide range of biodiversity. Harvesting peat destroys these ecosystems and leads to a loss in biodiversity.

Further, peat bogs are important carbon sinks, and when they are drained for harvesting, CO2 is released into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change.

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We use natural, up-cycled ingredients instead

Our ingredients are made from agriculture or forestry waste material that would have otherwise been left to decompose.

This is not the easiest way to make fertilizer, but it is the most environmentally concious. Not only does it minimize carbon footprint, but it also packs your soil with healthy microbes needed for soil longevity.

Our ingredients


Our key ingredient that helps each blend retain water and moisture (like a sponge), while sequestering carbon.

Organic nutrients

Any nutrients added to our blends will always come from natural sources or repurpose waste material if possible.

Giving you healthy soil, with no downside

Giving you healthy soil, with no downside

Our products are packed with healthy microbes and micro-nutrients that you don't get with synthetic fertilizers.