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Carbon removal

Any product purchased

This includes online and in person retail purchases.

1 pound of CO₂ removed

We purchase high-quality carbon removal credits.

Using our products literally puts carbon back in the ground

Biochar, our primary ingredient, is 90% carbon. The carbon (in CO₂) was previously absorbed by trees from the atmosphere, and converting it to biochar prevents it from being released back into the atmosphere through decomposition or combustion when the tree dies.

Additionally, we remove 1 pound of carbon dioxide for every purchase

On top of the carbon permanently stored in soil from using biochar, and neutralizing our product shipping footprint, we remove a pound of carbon dioxide from the air by purchasing certified carbon removal credits.

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Amplifying your impact for carbon removal

Removing one pound of carbon dioxide from the air more than offsets any emissions from our supply chain (which we try to keep as small as possible). This makes our product life cycle carbon negative and contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

And supporting further R&D in biochar production

Every carbon removal credit purchase supports the R&D of technology that removes CO₂ from our atmosphere.