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Pure Biochar


Each purchase removes CO₂ from the air

High-quality biochar that's ready to activate.

To use as a soil amendment, you will need to activate this biochar first. Once activated, apply about a 1:10 ratio of biochar to soil to get:

  • Up to 40% increase in water and nutrient retention
  • Increased resilience to droughts and other stressors
  • Healthier plants from increased microbial activity

It can also be used as a compost additive to speed up the process, or added to animal beds to reduce odour!

Why it's different
  • Holds onto moisture: Biochar holds 5x its weight in water keeping it available to your plants for longer.
  • Small particle size: <2mm size is perfect for composting.
  • Climate friendly: Biochar removes carbon from the atmosphere and we never use peat-moss, synthetic chemicals or other high-carbon footprint ingredients.
How to activate Biochar can be activated by either co-composting or mixing it with a nutrient-dense substance and water (1 part biochar, 1 part nutrient solution). This allows the biochar to absorb nutrients into its pores that it will later release into your soil. For more details, learn more here.
    • Biochar (unactivated): High-quality biochar sourced from sustainable forestry residue in BC, Canada.
    • Made of 100% sustainable forestry waste
    • >85% fixed carbon (typically 90%)
    • <10% ash (typically <6%)
    • pH 9.4

    Where to Use

    Soil amendment

    For improved quality and growth (requires activated biochar)

    Compost additive

    For faster composting, improved aeration, and less odour

    Animal bed

    To absorb odours, ammonia, and reduce pathogens

    Sustainably sourced biochar

    Not all biochar is created equal. Our biochar is made from sustainable forestry residue that would have been left to decompose otherwise.

    The wood is chipped, dried and then heated to between 500-800 °C and crushed into a consistent premium biochar product that is low in VOCs, rich in carbon (>85%) and ideal for use as soil amendment.

    Organic and sustainable ingredients

    Organic ingredients are better for you soil’s health and for the planet. They promote natural microbial life, have a lower carbon footprint, and do not pollute our waters like nitrogen-based fertilizers do.

    Learn more about sustainable ingredients

    Holds onto nutrients and moisture longer

    Biochar has an incredibly large surface area and a strong ability to attract nutrients and water. This creates a slow-release behaviour in the soil that benefits your soil much longer than other soil additives.

    Why Common Ground


    Natural peat bogs are one of Earth’s important carbon sinks—they should never be mined.


    Synthetic fertilizers are responsible for up to 5% of human-caused greenhouse gases.

    Carbon negative

    Along with using low-carbon footprint ingredients, we remove additional CO₂ with every purchase.


    How do I activate biochar?

    Biochar can be activated by either co-composting or mixing it with a nutrient dense substance and water. This allows the biochar to absorb nutrients into its pores that it will later release into your soil.

    For more details see our instructions on activating biochar.

    Why is biochar good for soil and plants?

    Three main reasons:

    1. It increases water and nutrient absorption.
    2. It increases microbial activity.
    3. It increase soil aeration.

    See soil benefits to science behind biochar learn more.

    How does biochar help the climate?

    Production biochar converts organic matter (unstable carbon) to biochar (stable carbon). Biochar does not decompose, and will keep carbon (that would have otherwise decomposed and been released to the atmosphere) in a stable form locked in your soil.

    To learn more see biochar climate benefits.

    How is the biochar made?

    Our biochar is made in a modern production facility that converts forestry residue waste into biochar by heating it to between 600-800 C with the absence of oxygen.

    It is ideal to use as a soil amendment because it's high in carbon (>85%), low in VOCs and ash content.

    Our suppliers production process is third party certified to be carbon negative.

    Can I add this biochar directly to my soil?

    Yes, but it's not recommended. Unactivated biochar acts like a dry sponge. It will soak up moisture and nutrients from you soil which is undesirable in the short term. Eventually the moisture and nutrients will be fed back to yours plants for a net-positive effect, but this cant take months or years.

    To avoid this, always activate your biochar.

    Can I order more than 70L?

    Yes, contact us for special pricing.